Patti Bushee accomplishes progressive policy for the people of Santa Fe.

Patti has fought in the front lines for marriage equality for 20 years. Patti understands that the pains of poverty and income inequality ask for strong leadership. As people’s mayor, Patti will be a conduit for citizen solutions. She’ll make jobs her first priority. She’ll hold government accountable. She’ll enact the people’s business while making jobs, education, city services and the cultural economy top priorities.

Patti was first appointed to the District 1 City Council seat by Mayor-elect Debbie Jaramillo in 1994. Since then, her proud district has re-elected her to five consecutive terms. Patti is passionate about governing.From water policy to bike trails, Santa Fe’s high quality of life is a mirror of Patti’s can-do agenda.

bio-patti-dadPatti comes from a close-knit family in Maine. She lost her beloved dad, George, this winter. He was a stonecutter who didn’t go to college but made certain that his kids went. Patti was the first of her three siblings to graduate from college.

patti-familyWith her degree in economics and Spanish, she also earned a key to Phi Beta Kappa (making her dad very proud.)

Patti believes that it is the mayor’s job to fix things. She’s done so as a dedicated public servant for 20 years. She’s lived her ethics from her first after-school jobs in high school, when she and her best friend worked to establish a union in the large department store they worked for. Beginning in her 30s, she lobbied the New Mexico State Legislature for partnership rights. She worked with the current City of Santa Fe administration to ensure domestic partnership benefits for all city employees. In her 40s, her can-do legislation ensured the right thing for the environment and the people of Santa Fe.

Patti. Serious about Solutions. A Committed Leader for Santa Fe.

Councilor Patti Bushee represents Santa Fe City Council, District 1. She was appointed to the Council by the Mayor-elect in 1994 and subsequently elected to the District 1 seat in 1996. She was re-elected in 2000, 2004, and 2008 by substantial majorities and in 2012 re-elected to a fifth consecutive term with 67% of the vote. In 2002, she ran for Mayor and came in a close second to a popular incumbent.

Patti chaired the City’s Public Works Committee for many years and currently chairs the Bicycle and Trails Advisory Committee and the Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization. She is a long time member of the City’s Finance Committee, a member the North Central Regional Transit District and an alternate on the Buckman Direct Diversion Board. Patti is a founding member of the Regional Planning Authority, and served on the City Public Utilities Committee for many years.

For the past 5 years, including 2013, Santa Fe Reporter readers have selected Patti for the annual “Best of Santa Fe” issue in the “Best City Councilor” or “Best Politician” categories.

Patti has been a small business owner of a landscape design business in Santa Fe for more than 25 years. She has served as the Deputy Director of the New Mexico State Film Office and the Outreach Administrator of the Water Use and Conservation Bureau of the Office of the State Engineer.

Patti holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Maine in International Affairs/Political Science/Spanish, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa. She also studied economics at George Washington University in Washington, DC and studied a year at La Universidad de Sevilla in Seville, Spain. She speaks Spanish.


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